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Karyne + Tony

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Tony and Karyne met in 2000 at the Eldridge Park Elementary School when they were in the same second grade class, although their love story didn’t officially start until their senior year of high school. The couple’s longtime friends mentioned to us how Tony had always looked at Karyne as his “dream girl.” Well, he definitely gave his dream girl a proposal to swoon over! Tony is a pilot and took Karyne away on a romantic sunset flight over some beaches in their Florida town. When it was time to land the plane, he landed it on a runway that had 200 candles set up that said, “marry me.” Of course she said, “Yes!”

“The best day ever” (direct quote from the happy couple J) was held at The Gables at Chadds Ford. It was a beautiful summer day! The sun was shinning bright, but it wasn’t the typical egg-frying June weather. As Karyne and her girls popped some champagne to celebrate the day we, were excited to photograph all of her Pinterest worthy wedding details. From her deep purple and green color palette to all the handmade decorations Karyne and her mother created, we loved it all! After Karyne gave us full rein of her wedding details, it was time for her to put on her gorgeous Ball Gown wedding dress, which was perfectly pair with some glittery Kate Spade sneakers. Seriously a girl after our own hearts!

Karyne and Tony’s first look gave us yet another reason why we love first looks. There were a couple of happy tears, matched with big smiles, followed by a lot of sweet giggling. Tony was so enamored by Karyne in her wedding dress and made sure she spun around so he could see her complete look. After taking some bridal party shots at the antique shop next door, it was time for them to say, “I do.” The ceremony was held in the pretty Gables courtyard under an outdoor pergola rapped with green vines. Surrounded by the people closest to them, Tony and Karyne became more than just former classmates and high school sweethearts—they became husband and wife. Congratulations Tony and Karyne! 2017-07-03_00382017-07-03_0038 2017-07-03_00392017-07-03_0039 2017-07-03_00402017-07-03_0040 2017-07-03_00412017-07-03_0041 2017-07-03_00422017-07-03_0042 2017-07-03_00432017-07-03_0043 2017-07-03_00442017-07-03_0044 2017-07-03_00452017-07-03_0045 2017-07-03_00462017-07-03_0046 2017-07-03_00472017-07-03_0047 2017-07-03_00482017-07-03_0048 2017-07-03_00492017-07-03_0049 2017-07-03_00502017-07-03_0050 2017-07-03_00512017-07-03_0051 2017-07-03_00522017-07-03_0052 2017-07-03_00532017-07-03_0053 2017-07-03_00542017-07-03_0054 2017-07-03_00552017-07-03_0055 2017-07-03_00562017-07-03_0056 2017-07-03_00572017-07-03_0057 2017-07-03_00582017-07-03_0058 2017-07-03_00592017-07-03_0059 2017-07-03_00602017-07-03_0060 2017-07-03_00612017-07-03_0061 2017-07-03_00622017-07-03_0062 2017-07-03_00632017-07-03_0063 2017-07-03_00642017-07-03_0064 2017-07-03_00652017-07-03_0065 2017-07-03_00662017-07-03_0066 2017-07-03_00672017-07-03_0067 2017-07-03_00682017-07-03_0068 2017-07-03_00692017-07-03_0069 2017-07-03_00702017-07-03_0070 2017-07-03_00712017-07-03_0071 2017-07-03_00722017-07-03_0072 2017-07-03_00732017-07-03_0073 2017-07-03_00742017-07-03_0074 2017-07-03_00752017-07-03_0075 2017-07-03_00762017-07-03_0076 2017-07-03_00772017-07-03_0077 2017-07-03_00782017-07-03_0078 2017-07-03_00792017-07-03_0079 2017-07-03_00802017-07-03_0080 2017-07-03_00812017-07-03_0081 2017-07-03_00822017-07-03_0082 2017-07-03_00832017-07-03_0083 2017-07-03_00842017-07-03_0084 2017-07-03_00852017-07-03_0085 2017-07-03_00922017-07-03_0092 2017-07-03_00872017-07-03_0087 2017-07-03_00882017-07-03_0088 2017-07-03_00912017-07-03_0091 2017-07-03_00892017-07-03_0089 2017-07-03_00902017-07-03_0090


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