New Leaf Photography | Valley Forge Engagement Session

Valley Forge Engagement Session

June 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We were really looking forward to Alison and Joe’s engagement session not only because it was at Valley Forge Park, but also it marked our first official meeting with this lovely couple. We can’t help but be a little nervous when meeting a couple for the first time. Well those nerves disappeared after about 15 seconds when we saw their friendly faces, and when Joe said “Which one of you owns a Boston Terrier?!” Best ice breaker ever!

We learned more about Joe and Alison while walking around and taking in the beautiful greenery of Valley Forge. While Alison was telling us the story of how they met we could hear music in the background from a nearby wedding. The entire scene was quite romantic, and we almost felt bad for tagging along. Alison spoke of how much she loved Joe’s smile and was instantly drawn to it. We knew exactly the smile Alison was talking about. Every single time Joe would look at Alison his face would light up. We can’t wait to see the level of Joe’s excitement on their wedding day this July. Oh, and to have the opportunity to gush about Boston Terriers again!

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