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Stephen + Meghann

June 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Meghann and Stephen moved about two years ago from the Houston area to Philadelphia and have fully embraced their new city. Their mutual love of Philadelphia’s rich history and charming architecture made this city the perfect place for their wedding. We started the day off with Meghann and her bridesmaids at The Salon at Duross & Langel. We couldn’t help but get distracted by all the vibrant colors and amazing smells of Duross & Langel’s handmade beauty products. After hair and makeup, we traveled to the Franklin Hotel so the ladies could finish getting ready. Before heading off to the ceremony, Meghann and Stephen exchanged sweet notes to each other. We loved how they both took a deep breath, smiled, and couldn’t help but crack a witty joke while opening their notes.

These "Texadelphians," (learned that from Meghann 😊 ) said their vows in front of their immediate family and close friends at Old St. Mary’s Church, which was built in 1763. The history of this church and the historical figures that have been there is just amazing. After the beautiful ceremony, we walked to the Powel House for Meghann and Stephen’s wedding reception. You can’t help but feel classy when stepping into the elegant Powel House. We were in awe over the fine art and the incredible museum-quality furniture throughout the house. Right past the entry way is a large staircase that leads you up to the dining room. The table settings designed by Garces Events were breathtaking. The Royal Blue tablecloths combined with the gold chargers and chairs were a perfect match to the antique décor. Petals Lane designed circular arrangements of fresh floral bouquets at the center of every table, which elegantly  tied everything together.

We have had some interesting weather this 2017 wedding season, and Stephen and Meghann’s wedding day was no exception. Although it rained during the day, we wondered if they actually even noticed. They never let the weather affect them, even when Meghann was walking through puddles in her gorgeous Manolo Blahniks. They were clearly just focused on the big picture and what really matters: being with each other and having a great day together with family and friends.  From our first conversation last fall, to their engagement session, and then ending with their wedding day, Meghann and Stephen have always been gracious, down-to-earth, and a true depiction of southern charm. 

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Congratulations Stephen + Meghann! We wish you luck with your move back to Texas! Philly will miss you! 


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